Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kathy's Pomegranate Lime Cocoa Butter Lotion

Do you love pomengrantes? How about lime? Then why not create this lovely Pomegranate Lime Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipe which appears on Essential U Blog. Too be honest I never thought of combining the scent pomengrantes and limes. And I really do not have the foggiest idea if that that two would actually compliment each or what. If you try to do this project, you will have to let us know.

Kathy, who created this recipe, decided to add this recipe to the Essential Wholesale Recipe Wall of Fame. The recipe is simple to make and has a delightful fresh aroma. Why not try and create today!


Merit said...

sounds good

Adele Saffron said...

I will definitely test this out and let you know the results. I absolutely LOVE pomegranates!

Amélie said...

There's a beverage I drink sometimes that mixes these two fruits and it's delicious; I'm sure a bath product with these scents would smell divine!!