Monday, March 31, 2014

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers Instructions

Do you hate the commercial soap dispensers that your liquid soap comes in? Want to have your soap dispensers be more decorative? Here is a really cute idea from Cheryl Style on instructions for decoupage Mason Jar Soap Dispensers. Whether you make your own liquid soap or use a commercial brand, these are really cute. I would think that the most difficult thing is finding pump dispensers that fit mason jars. If anyone knows where to get these, I would make them myself.  I would even create these for hand lotion.

Eggcellent Easter Melt & Pour

Easter is on April 20th this year.  Since today is the last day of March, you still have time to make these Eggcellent Melt and Pour Soaps.  This beginner's project from The Soap Queen is perfect to put out for the Easter Egg Hunt that you may be having this year. These could be the special eggs that earn a special prize.  You may have your kids help out making these soaps but just to let you know that this particular recipe yields three soaps so you may have to order extra supplies.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Spring Aroma Sprays

It has been several days since Spring has arrived.  And now the Mountain Rose posted several spring aroma spray recipes on their blog.  In their posting of DIY Spring Aroma Sprays, Mountain Rose has the following sprays that you may want to make and use around the house:  Out to Play, Soft Clean Breeze, Awakening, and Spring Flowers.  These recipes are easy to make and only require two to four essential oils plus suggestions on how to use them in other ways.  Check them out because you just may get some ideas for party favors or gifts.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ginger & Fennel Body Mask

I have used a facial mask before but I have never heard of a body mask. According to The Natural Beauty Workshop, body mask are a great way to cleanse and detoxify the often neglected skin on your arms, legs and torso.  Just like a facial mask, deep cleansing ingredients are used to help mobilize toxins, draw out clogged pores, and increase skin's circulation.

So are you interested in trying a body mask?  Here is a Ginger and Fennel Body Body Mask recipe from The Natural Beauty Workshop.  What is so great about this recipe? Ginger and Fennel are both great at helping blood flowing, which can lead to reduced cellulite and clear skin.  Dead Sea Mud is packed with beneficial minerals which makes it great base for a body mask.  If Dead Sea Mud is too intense for your skin, then substitute a gentler clay like White Kaolin.n  Just want to warn you that this recipe makes a large portion so that you will have enough to massage gentley all over your body. It is best to use when it is fresh, but you can store any extra in your refrigerator for two to three days.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Resizing and Converting Soap Recipes

Have you ever found a cold process soap recipe that is too much for the mold you have and you are wondering how to scale it down?  Or a recipe that is in percentages and you want it in ounces or grams?  In a recent post titled Resizing and Converting Soap Recipes Jenny of I'd Lather Be Soaping explains in very simple terms.  For example she says that conversions and percentages can be confusing at first but she explains how she does it.  So if you want to everything about converting recipes then read this article.  It will really help you out.  I know that I have a silcone mold that I want to use for cold process soap making and this information came at the right time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chamomile Bath Powder

Many years ago, I took a class from Lori Nova at DeAnza College in Cupertino.  One of the products was a milk bath.  It was a very simple product in very cute packaging.  I found this recipe from The Natural Beauty Workshop called Chamomile Bath Powder. This recipe is just as simple and the really only difference is the fact that the ingredients are slightly different. Once you make this simple recipe it is just as easy to use in the bath.  Just add a few tablespoons into the warm bath water, get in and lay back.  Then just let the calming scents and smooth water envelope your senses.  When you get out of the tub, you will feel mild and butter soft.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blossom Body Cream

Love using a body cream? Here is a lovely body cream from The Natural Beauty Workshop called Blossom Body Cream has a real intense floral aroma.  It makes about 4 ounces by weight and a little more by volume since it is whipped.  This recipe does not have a preservative in it so unless you add it, the author recommends that you keep it in the fridge where it should keep for at least two weeks. Products with water are especially vulnerable to bacteria and rancidity.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sugar Cookie Scrub

Love using scrubs in the shower?  Here is a deliciously scented Sugar Cookie Scrub from The Natural Beauty Workshop that will surely remind you of a fresh baked sugar cookie. This easy to make scrub recipe is made with natural turbinado sugar and almond flour that can help smooth and exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. And with moisturizing sweet almond oil and soothing CO2 extracted Oat Oil are added to comfort and condition the skin.  This scrub would be a great treat for yourself or a gift for someone special.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Havana Layers Melt & Pour Soap

Here is a really cool beginner layered melt and pour soap project from the Soap Queen called Havana Layers . It is loaded with natural additives such as shredded loofah, poppy seeds, lemon peel, white pumice and walnut shells that is great for exfoliation plus it is colorful just like a rainbow.  What a beautiful bar of soap to give as a gift.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red Raspberry Facial Mask

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits, but I would never have thought of putting them in a facial mask.  This Red Raspberry Facial Mask Recipe  from The Natural Beauty Workshop is great for combination skin.  If you make this facial mask you can share it with a friend or two or you can store it in the refrigerator for 3-5 days if you seal it tightly.  You must know that with all natural formulations, the mask will run the risk of becoming contaminated or going rancid prematurely if you do not add a preservative.  You should discard your mask if it changes color, order or if it appears "off" in any other way.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Herbal Laundry Formulas from Mountain Rose Herb

Are you interested in using less chemicals in your laundry?  Well, I found this posting on how to create your own herbal laundry formulas from Mountain Rose Herbs. Herbal Laundry Formulas Part 2  contains recipes for Herbal Dryer Sachets, Natural Fabric Softener and other natural laundry tips.  Since this was part two of the series, I went to look for part one.  Herbal Laundry Formula Part 1 contains recipes for liquid laundry soap and laundry pre-soak. So if you are looking for easy recipes then check these out.  I am planning to try these really soon.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Luscious Lemon Cupcakes

For the longest time, I have been obsessed with having lemon cake for my birthday. So when I saw this melt and pour soap project to make Luscious Lemon Cupcakes, I knew that I wanted to make them one day and of course share this with my readers.  This would be a great party favor for any occasion from baby and bridal showers to Mother's Day celebrations.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder Recipes

I remember hearing about dry shampoos a long time ago, maybe in the 70's. I never used them before when I saw this post on the Mountain Rose Herb blog, I may want to try them when I get enough guts.  The post is titled Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder Recipes  and it has two recipes that sound really great smelling. One is Organic Lavender and Sweet Orange and the other is Rosy Rosemary Cocoa. Also in this post are links to recipes for hair rinses and hot oil treatments which are definitely not dry. So if you want to convert to shampoos or hair products that do not have chemicals in them then you should check these out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Salve for Cracked Heels

Many of us suffer with cracked hells. I must admit I do and often will make a balm to use on my feet.  But I saw this recipe for a DIY Salve for Cracked Heels on the Wellness Mama site. It has some of the similar ingredients I use in a balm except of Magnesium Flakes.  I have never used or heard of such a thing in a product like this so I do not know the benefits of it. But also included in this article is some external and internal remedies that you may want to try in addition to the salve.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY Hair Detangling Spray

Most of my life I have had my hair long and straight.  And yes, I have had tangles and would often use conditioner.  As a child I think there was a detangling spray that I may have used from Avon or something but I do think that I used it for very long because conditioner was the most convenient and cost effective. I was cruising the internet and found this recipe for Hair Detangling  Spray on the Wellness Mama website.  This is an natural recipe that you may want to try and let us know how it works.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Natural Colorant Taiwan Swirl

I have never been to Taiwan but this was inspired of the first You Tube Video that the Soap Queen on this intermediate techinque. According to the Soap Queen, the most difficult part of this recipe is keeping the batter at a light enough trace to get wispy lines. You can change the look of the design by changing the size of the dowel/chopstick/skewer or swirling tool. This recipe used a larger tool and a thin to medium trace to achieve the final product. So if you are interested in learning how to make this Natural Colorant Taiwan cold process soap, I would recommend you check out these instructions.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Soap and Cosmetic Business Start-up 101

Have you been thinking of turning your hobby into a real and bonafide business?  Well, here is a post from Bath Alchemy on their Soap Blog called Soap and Cosmetic Business Start-up 101 that gives you information on the basics of what requirements you need for your business. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips to Increase Profitability for Your Handmade Soap and Bath & Body Business

We are know in the third month of 2014 and you are thinking how you can increase the profitability of your business.  Marla Bosworth ,owner of Back Porch Soap Company, has written an article titled Tips to Increase Profitability for Your Handmade Soap and Bath & Body Business which appeared in the January 2014 issue of Saponification Magazine on this very topic.  If you do not subscription to Saponification Magazine, Marla has graciously posted a reprint of her article on her site.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Understanding Suggested Essential Oil & Fragrance Guidelines in Soap and Cosmetics

Marla Bosworth of Back Porch Soap Company frequently gets asks how to determine a safe amount of essential or fragrance oil to use when formulating soap and cosmetics.  Since there are layers and layers of information on this subject, Marla peels back some of the layers in a recent post titled Understanding Suggested Essential Oil and Fragrance Guidelines in Soap and Cosmetics.   This is an informative article for someone who is make soap or cosmetics as a hobby or for someone who is in the business to sell.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Coconut Milk Bath Bars

Do you love the aroma of coconut?  Some love it, some hate it or some take it or leave it.  If you fall into the category of loving it, then you should take a look and eventually make these Coconut Milk Bath Bars from The Natural Beauty Workshop.  These chunky bath melts combine skin-nourishing Coconut Milk Powder, cleansing Sea Salt, and moisturizing Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil into cute, single serving pieces. A touch of Silk Powder helps make these beautiful little bath treats even more luxurious.  But if your favorite candy bar is a Mounds, then somehow sneaking in cocoa powder would make this milk bar recipe anymore luxurious.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume

Love to wear perfume but do not like to have to worry about it spilling in your purse?  According to the Soap Queen, solid perfume is a great way to carry fragrance with you without worrying about spills. This Cherry Blossom perfume recipe is made with Bramble Berry Solid Perfume Base. It contains several skin-loving oils, like Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil is a subtle fruity floral scent, well suited as a perfume scent. This is a unique and colorful twist on a traditional uncolored perfume balm.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Basics of Soap and Cosmetics Labeling

According to Soap Blog (brought to you by Bath Alchemy) that properly labeling your soap and cosmetics is important for both consumers and your business.  In a recent posting called Basics of Soap and Cosmetics Labeling takes a look at some of the rules and what you can do to make sure you are compliant with government regulations.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Soothing Body Oil for Expectant Mamas

Dry skin can be bothersome at any point,but if you are pregnant it can especially bothersome.  In this posting called Soothing Body Oil for Expectant Mamas from The Natural Beauty Workshop has a recipe called  Flax and Rose Hip Body Oil can provide some relief.  Even if you are not pregnant you may want to give this oil a try.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Product Liability Insurance for Soap and Cosmetics

Yesterday, I posted a link about labeling your products.  Today, I am writing about Product Liability Insurance for Soap Cosmetics. This important subject was written about in the blog the Soap Blog by Erica Pence is extremely important for someone who plans to go into business to sell their bath and body products. Whether you are already in business or plan to start one in the future you should read this.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Shamrock Cold Process

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and you do not want to be caught with no green!  This Shamrock Cold Process Soap recipe from the Soap Queen features clean green and yellow soap layers enhanced by a cute four leaf clover soap.  You can embellish this bar of soap with a little gold sparkle mica and you will have a bar of soap fit for a leprechaun's pot of gold.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Argan & Shea Lotion

Love to make lotions? Never made one?  Here is a recipe for the beginner or the experienced lotion maker from The Soap Queen called Argan and Shea Lotion.  To make this eight ounce bottle of lotion will only take you 30 minutes this lovely recipe.  There is a bonus with this downloadable PDF labels.  Cannot beat that!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soapy Math

Have you ever been confused on percentages, ratios and parts in soap making?  Could it be fuzzy math or is it just you?  If you need help on this subject, then check out the posting called Soapy Math from the Soap Queen.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whipped Body or Lip Frosting Recipe

Here is a recipe that can be either a whipped body butter or lip frosting recipe and it is from Saffire Blue.   Though I could consider this recipe is more of a cream since it contains water and what I learned from all of the classes I have taken through The Nova Studio is that a body butter does not contain water.  If it has water as an ingredient then it is a cream.  But I digress, it still looks like a great recipe to try.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Faux Funnel Pour Soap ~ Soap Queen TV Video

Awhile back I took a class from Ruth Esteves at The Nova Studio on advanced cold process soap techniques. One of these techniques was funnel pour.  From Soap Queen TV is a TV Video called Make Faux Funnel Pour Soap. It is a totally cool technique that cold process soap makers should try.