Saturday, February 13, 2016

Melt & Pour Soap Truffles Tutorial

Even though Valentine's Day tomorrow and it would be too late to try and get supplies to make these realistic soap truffles, I thought I would share this tutorial called Melt & Pour Soap Truffles from The Soap Queen anyway because you can make them for another time.  This intermediate project takes about two to three hours and you get about one pound of soaps.  These soaps look good enough to each so if you make them to give out as gifts, you may want to alert the person you are giving them to.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Six ingredient lotions: Rice bran & mango butter body butter

Love using a body butter?  Here is a recipe from Point of Interest called Six Ingredient Lotions:  Rice Bran and Mango Butter Body Butter that is made from a lotion recipe.  Now a traditional body butter does not have water in it so this recipe will need a preservative because of the water.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Avocado + Spearmint Cold Process Soap Tutorial

I have heard of using milk, juice or beer instead of using distilled water in a cold process soap recipe. But I found this recipe from the Soap Queen that still uses distilled water but has avocado puree in it.  I have never heard of adding fresh fruit or vegetable purees to cold process soap before but according to the Soap Queen it has long been a staple in the soapmaking community.  She said purees can add color and skin-loving properties to the bar and it can give the soap a luxurious feelings.  Unlike some additives, avocado does not contain a large amount of sugar.  If you add sugar, which can be found in fruit, can cause excessive heat to a cold process soap batter and make it difficult to work with.  Are you interested in learning how to use avocado in a cold process soap?  Check out this intermediate project called Avocado + Spearmint Cold Process Soap Tutorial.  This project makes about three pounds of soap and takes 1-2 hour to make.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Earth Day Natural Lip Balm Recipe

Earth Day is celebrated is celebrated in April.  If you want to celebrate Earth Day, you may want to consider making this lip balm recipe from Earth Day Natural Lip Balm Recipe has a combination of butters and an oil that I have never used before -- Cherry Kernal Oil

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pastel Four Color Gradient Layers Soap (ISC)

I have to admit that pastel colors are my favorite shades of color.   So when I found this Pastel Four Color Gradient Layer Soap project from Modern Soap Making, I wanted to share it to those who love the pastel color palette.  All the colors that are used are micas from The Conservatorie.  I have not used any colorants from them so I am not sure how well they work.  But I love the look in this layered soap.  What about you?