Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My name is Lori and I first learned about making my own bath products in 2002. I was laid off from my job at AT&T Broadband and before my job ended I received the College of San Mateo's Community Education brochure. As I scanned the brouchure, I came across a soap making class. I was intrigued and immediately signed up for the class. Once I took the class, I was hooked on making my own melt and pour soap.

In 2003 when my niece was 5 1/2, she kept wanting the soaps that I made and asked her if she wanted to learn how to make soaps. She was really excited. Every weekend she would ask me when we were going to make soap. Finally, Memorial Day Weekend we made soaps and she had a great time. She wound up giving some of the soap to her teachers and classmates.

After sometime it came to me that I should probably teach a class. While I was visiting my local Michael's store, I bumped into an instructor who taught a card making class at another store. She was now the Event Coordinator for my local store. I discussed the possibility of teaching a class at Michaels.

From then on I was on my way to where I am today. I took more classes in bath products (Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, Tub Teas, Facial Products, etc.), I invested in some books and developed my teaching skills. Now, I teach three different class at various locations. I am hoping to expand my location base and the possibility of expanding the business.