Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ginger & Fennel Body Mask

I have used a facial mask before but I have never heard of a body mask. According to The Natural Beauty Workshop, body mask are a great way to cleanse and detoxify the often neglected skin on your arms, legs and torso.  Just like a facial mask, deep cleansing ingredients are used to help mobilize toxins, draw out clogged pores, and increase skin's circulation.

So are you interested in trying a body mask?  Here is a Ginger and Fennel Body Body Mask recipe from The Natural Beauty Workshop.  What is so great about this recipe? Ginger and Fennel are both great at helping blood flowing, which can lead to reduced cellulite and clear skin.  Dead Sea Mud is packed with beneficial minerals which makes it great base for a body mask.  If Dead Sea Mud is too intense for your skin, then substitute a gentler clay like White Kaolin.n  Just want to warn you that this recipe makes a large portion so that you will have enough to massage gentley all over your body. It is best to use when it is fresh, but you can store any extra in your refrigerator for two to three days.

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