Friday, March 28, 2014

Resizing and Converting Soap Recipes

Have you ever found a cold process soap recipe that is too much for the mold you have and you are wondering how to scale it down?  Or a recipe that is in percentages and you want it in ounces or grams?  In a recent post titled Resizing and Converting Soap Recipes Jenny of I'd Lather Be Soaping explains in very simple terms.  For example she says that conversions and percentages can be confusing at first but she explains how she does it.  So if you want to everything about converting recipes then read this article.  It will really help you out.  I know that I have a silcone mold that I want to use for cold process soap making and this information came at the right time.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for featuring my blog post! I'm so glad that it was helpful. :)