Friday, March 25, 2011

Body wax - Hair removal wax kit based on bee wax and honey

Summer time will soon be here and it is that dreaded time to remove some unwanted hair. How you like to create your own? Well, I found this article from a website called "Skincare Recipes
and Remedies". In this article titled, "Body wax - Hair removal wax kit based on bee wax and honey" has three different recipes that you can make in your very own kitchen. The three recipes are Homemade hair removal wax, Honey based body wax
and Strawberry honey hair removal body wax kit.

Did you know that the ritual of body waxing is not recent? According to the article, tt goes back to ancient Egypt where women were encouraged to cultivate the ritual of hair free bodies. They paid much attention to beauty and body appearance, and this was a pefect blend of cosmetics and hygiene.

You are wondering on how it was done in ancient times? Well, it was a basica mixture based on honey and hair remover based on sugar were used to make hair removal wax kit. The tradition of body wax preparation continued into ancient Greece but declined in the mid 10th century. After that, the attention we pay to waxing and hair removal still remains strong and present as a major part of our beautifying routine.


Splurge Sisters said...

This is great, I bought some sugaring type of wax years ago and wanted to get more of it but kept thinking I could make my own. Thanks for the post :)

kirk said...

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kirk said...

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