Monday, March 7, 2011

Glittered Sticker Eggs

I so happened to catch Martha demonstrating this on Comcast's InDemand and want to share the instructions with you. If you would like to make something different for the holiday, just download the instruction for these Glittered Sticker Eggs and keep them in your records.

These beautifully glittered Easter eggs are a sparkling alternative to coloring them with dyes.

Tools and Materials

Double-sided "Flora" sticker roll
Blown-out eggs (Martha used pheasant eggs)
Colored glitter
Canned air
Standard 1/4-inch hole punch

Glittered Eggs How-To

1. Remove double-sided stickers from roll and place on the egg, keeping the paper on the top part of the sticker intact (tweezers help with this).

2. Once you have covered the egg with stickers, remove the paper covering the other sticky side of each sticker.

3. Roll the egg in glitter, making sure to get glitter on each sticker.

4. Blow on the egg with canned air to remove excess glitter.


1. Use a sticker to cover the hole(s) left in the egg by the egg blower.

2. Use a standard hole punch to punch dots from the negative space on the sticker roll, and use these to make a polka-dotted egg.


The double-sided "Flora" sticker roll and colored glitter (Martha used purple sapphire, blue sapphire, green agate, and bronze) are available at Pheasant eggs are available at A hole punch and canned air can be found at office-supplies stores. An assortment of glitter colors is available at the Martha Stewart Shop. More information about blowing out an egg is available in our Everything Easter center.

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