Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cutting Costs of Materials - Making a Supplier Comparison Chart

Are you a small business and are wondering if there is a way to cut cost on materials? This article titled, "Cutting Costs of Materials - Making a Supplier Comparison Chart" by Erica from The Bonnie Bath Company is for any small business that is looking to cut costs on their materials without sacrificing quality. Since many of you to cut some costs now, Erica thought she would share how she went about it. There are probably plenty of ways to cut overall business costs, but in Erica's article, she focuses on one method. She demonstrates how she creates a comparision chart of reputable suppliers to come to the best conclusion on who to buy from. It maybe alittle work, but it in end it is well worth it.

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Adele Saffron said...

This is a wonderful article! Thank you so much. I'll be starting my own business up soon and need to do some comparison shopping myself. Thanks again for this!