Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pistachio Body Balm Recipe


.5 oz. Candellila Wax
1 oz. Cocoa butter
1 oz. Pistachio butter
1 oz. Avocado oil
1 oz. Jojoba oil
.1 oz. (1 tsp.) Dry Flo
a few drops Vitamin E oil
1 ml Orange Spice fragrance


Measure out all of your ingredients by weight before you begin.

The safest way to melt down the ingredients is in a double boiler - but you can use a microwave as well. Just watch your mixture very carefully (remember the exploding microwave?). And I always pull my container out of the microwave and stir to melt down the last few bits which helps to avoid overheating your ingredients.

Melt the wax until liquid then add the Cocoa butter. Once the Cocoa butter is completely melted add the Dry Flo and mix until there aren't any lumps (hint: a little whisk helps with this). Finally add the Pistachio butter, remaining oils and fragrance to your preference. Mix well and pour into a 6 ounce tin.


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