Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book on Bath Bombs

One day in late May I decided to Beverly's Craft Store in San Jose to check out an sale item that they had in their curricular that so happened be ending that day. The item I was interested in was very nice but overpriced. So I was wondering around the store looking for something to purchase since I travelled so far out of the way. First I went down the aisle where they had soap and candle making supplies. I wound up getting some red soap colorant for supplies for classes. Then I wondered around the store and came upon the book shelf and one particular book popped out - a book on bath bombs oddly enough titled, "Bath Bombs".

Bath Bombs is a new book written by Elaine Stavert, who lives in Buckinghamshire countryside in England. After a life changing move from her television career in London to her farm, she formed The Liddicoat Soap Company. Her keen interest in herbalism and aromatherapy, Elaine began developing a range of natural toiletries and bath products.

I really like this book because the book is dedicated on the subject on bath bombs. Most books (soapmaking is the subject) I have seen briefly talk about bath bombs have a few recipes that is about it. This book covers it all from essential oils, colorants, oils and butters, history of perfume, blending fragrances, basic techniques (molds, etc.) and recipes.

There are colorful pictures and the information is basic and very simple to understand. The reason I purchased this book, besides the subject matter is the technique on using a 3D sphere mold. In addition there are really interesting recipes and techniques.

The only thing that I do not like about the book (and it is minor) that the font or typeface and sized that they used. It made it extremely difficult for me to read with the vibrant colors of the pages and some of the backgrounds that they used. But I remedy that by purchasing reading glasses.

For those interested in having a book on this subject, I would highly recommend this book.

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