Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blue Raspberry Swirl

Swirling CP soap is VERY easy to accomplish! When I gave it my first try, it was only the 3rd batch of soap I had ever made, and it turned out very good...I was happy to find that it was so easy - and the results were wonderful!

Making Swirls...When trying out new ideas, I always like to start out with small, 1 lb. batches - that way if it bombs, its not a huge loss! Below is the recipe and instructions.

4 oz. coconut oil
8 oz. olive oil
4 oz. palm oil
6 oz. distilled water
2 1/4 oz. lye.
6 oz. raspberry fragrance oil


Combine oils and lye 110-120° temperatures. Add fragrance at light trace. Split the batch into 2/3 and 1/3. Color the 1/3 part with 1/4 tsp. Ultramarine Blue mixed with a little oil. Drizzled into white soap and then pour into a mold at medium to heavy trace. Insulate and let it remain in the mold 18-24 hours. Unmold and cut into bars - let cure 2-3 weeks. (Just a note - the FO I used was from Soap Supplies Plus - it didn't seize at all!) I have also heard other methods of making swirls by separating the batch and coloring one part. Then pour the main batch into the mold, and then swirl the smaller part into that and swirl around with a knife. The first method can easily be used for just about any mold. However if you are using a PVC mold, it might be a little harder to get your knife in there =) Another method I've heard is to stick a divider down the PVC, splitting it in half. Pour one color down one side, and the other color down the other side. Then just twist the cardboard as you pull it out. Haven't tried this, but I imagine it works very nicely.


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