Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Make Shimmering Body Lotion

Make a shimmering body lotion that your daughter(s) and her friends will adore!

Things You'll Need

Mixing bowl
Spoon or spatula
Pouring funnel
New lotion or lotion that's laying around the house, not being used anymore.
Superfine cosmetic-grade glitter
Empty lotion pump container


Empty contents of lotion into mixing bowl.
Sprinkle enough cosmetic-grade glitter to cover the top of the lotion.
Blend glitter well into lotion.
Place a pouring funnel into a lotion container
Use a spoon or a spatula to scoop the glittery lotion into the pouring funnel.
Push the shimmering lotion down the funnel and into the bottle with the spatula or spoon.
Put the lid back onto the container.
Squirt and enjoy.


You can find superfine cosmetic-grade glitter in the form of eye shadow or body dust in the makeup section at your local pharmacy.

This is a great activity for sleepovers.

The finished product makes a great gift when placed into a new lotion pump or other new container.

You can use as much glitter as you like.


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