Monday, June 15, 2009

Almond Joy Soap Recipe

From Miller Soap.

This cold process soap recipe sounds so yummy! Please note the recipe is based on weight, not volume, so you will need a reliable scale.

“Almond Joy” / Chocolate Almond Swirl (Kathy Miller)
16 oz. palm oil
14 oz. coconut oil
52 oz. olive oil
6 ounces cocoa butter
32 oz. cold water (4 cups)
12 oz. lye crystals
1 ounce Bitter Almond fragrance oil (Sweet Cakes)
2-3 T. cocoa powder blended into about 1/4 of the soap at trace (after pouring 3/4 of it into mold)

Temperature: 95-100 degrees

Instructions as usual. Add the Bitter Almond oil at early trace and pour 3/4 of the soap into the mold/s. Mix the cocoa powder quickly into the remaining soap (stick blender makes this easy) and drizzle it over the top of the white soap in a back and forth fashion. Take a butter knife and gently run it back and forth to gently swirl the two colors together (you decide when it looks pretty enough to stop). A note on adding the cocoa. You could probably blend the powder with a small amount of the soap before stirring it into the rest. When I did it, I added some olive oil to the cocoa, but had some oil ooze out of the darker soap after it set overnight, so think it was too much.


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