Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Make Melt & Pour Springfetti Soap Slices

The Springfetti soap slices are a confetti tye-dye blending of colors. We were pleasantly suprised with the color effect once the loaf was sliced. It presented a wonderful splash of Easter colors, perfect for any Easter basket, or in our case, table setting. We printed labels and used the soaps as name placecards. The 2-pound loaf yielded 8 generous slices weighing 4.25 to 5 ounces per slice

Here's what you need:

White Melt & Pour Soap base. We used about 5 pounds.
Colorful melt and pour soap scraps. If you don't have any scrap soap laying around, then just make a few colorful bars in a molded cavity and cut into smaller pieces once the soap sets up.

2- Pound Wooden Soap Mold (lined with freezer paper). If you're not sure how to line the mold, see our instructional on How To Line a Wooden Mold for Soap Making.

Liquid Gel Colorants: We used bright neon purple, neon green and bright neon pink. For the soap scraps we used the above colors plus Neon Blue. These colors were added to white soap base to achieve the colors shown.

Fragrance Oil: We used our Specialty Confetti Fruit Burst which is a nice mix of juicy fruits.

Glass Measuring Cup. A 4 to 6 cup size is suggested.

Microwave for melting the soap base.

Straight cutter and soap mitre box for slicing soap.

Pippettes for dispensing fragrance.

Wire whisk for mixing color and fragrance into soap base.

Bamboo Skewers for swirling colors

If you would like to watch the tutorial of this project or would like to see pictures, visit http://goplanetearth.com/project_springfetti_loaf.html

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