Thursday, September 30, 2010

Specimen Jar Candle for Halloween

Need a creepy candle to add to your Halloween decor? Why not create this Specimen Jar Candle from Martha Stewart?  I would think this would add an extra touch of creepiness at your Halloween party or for Halloween night trick or treaters. 

When I saw this project on Martha's website, it brought back memorie of my high school biology class.  And it looks like it would be somewhat easy to create.  But give yourself plenty of time to make it for your next Halloween event.

3 comments: said...

These are really awesome and spooky looking! First saw something like this at a Halloween Costume Party a few years back. What a great reincarnation into a candle!

Erica said...

Now that is an awesome idea!!

Lori Stoia said...

These were too cool not to share. It really inspires one to have a spooky halloween party. Halloween is Martha's favorite holiday.