Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Make Acid-Free Paper

Scrapbookers know how it is important to use acid free paper with their scrapbooking projects.  Well, did you know that you can make your own? Would you like to try?  Then check out this article titled How to Make Acid-Free Paper from Ehow.  I am not sure what actually makes it acid free but I think by adding the ingredient calcium carbonate probably is the key.  The reason why is that I have not seen this ingredient in any other instructions on making your own paper.

But I did find another article on ehow entitled. How to Make Archive Paper by Robert Gray and he does not add that particular ingredient.  So I honestly do not know.  For anyone out there who does know the answer, please let us know.  It would be greatly appreciated.

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Jamie Keirna said...

The eHow article tells you to use calcium carbonate because it is using recycled newspaper. The newpaper is acidic, so you need to neutralize the pulp you get from it. The archival paper recipe starts with clean cotton rags, not newspaper. The cotton is presumed to be acid free, so the calcium carbonate is not needed. The cotton rag recipe probably would also produce a whiter paper too.