Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peace Cologne Recipe

Here is a really neat cologne recipe by Pioneer Thinking calle Peace Cologne. According to Pioneer Thinking, this recipe coombats fatigue due to stress, tension and anxiety.  Now I am not going to make any claims on that matter, but if you try it and it does make a difference I would definately would like to know.  The author of the recipe suggests that you give your perfume a name.  The name should really reflect your own personality.


3 drops Bergamot essential/fragrance oil
2 drops Frankincense essential/fragrance oil
3 drops cedarwood essential/fragrance oil
1/2 pt (300ml) 70 percent alcohol or vodka


Pour the alcohol into a bottle or jar. Add the oils and shake well. Leave for 1 week. Don't forget to try and make your own scents as well, after all you're unique.. shouldn't your cologne be too?

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