Monday, September 6, 2010

Rose Infused Massage Oil Recipe

Are roses your favorite flower?  Then you should check out this Rose Infused Massage Oil recipe from The Bonnie Bath Company.This recipe from Erica is very simple and only requires a few ingredients.  Once you make this infused oil recipe you can use it for a massage oil as it was intended or use it in a body balm or lotions recipe.  If the scent of the infused oil is strong enough you just might not have to scent those recipes.

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wendy said...

Nice posting.In my opnion "The sweet & captivating scent of Sandalwood Body Massage Oil enlivens your mood while sultry and sensual qualities of Ylang Ylang stimulate and arouse the senses evoking the power to seduce. Sandalwood Body Massage Oil deeply penetrates the skin leaving it soft, silky and sensual".