Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Bath Tub Tea

Drop a heart shaped tea bag into your bath to add a little love to your tub. Bath tea is a favorite bath treat of peole who love to soak in the tub. Why not make these adorable Heart Shaped Tub Teas for Valentine's Day? This adorable project appeared on the sute The Natural Beauty Workshop and would be something different from the normal box of candy one would give as a gift on this romantic holiday.

You can pack a lot of goodness into one little tea bag. Herbs, milk powders, and salts are just a few of the many things you can stuff inside these single serving bath treats. Best of all, the herbs will be safely contained inside the bag, keeping your tub (and plumbing) safe from a messy situation. Fusible tea bags can be used as-is or cut into fun shapes. In honor of Valentine's Day, The Natural Beauty Workshop made up a batch of heart shaped bags and filled them with an especially romantic recipe.

The Natural Beauty Workshop makes the following suggestions:

This recipe can be easily customized or altered to suit your tastes. Try changing the essential oil blend, or selecting different herbs. Milk powders, Clays, Water Soluble Extracts, or Grain Products can also be added to bath teas. Like salt, they will dissolve into the water when added to the bath.

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