Sunday, February 27, 2011

Solid Sugar Cube Scrub Recipe

Have you recently received a gift of solid sugar cube scrubs and just loved it? How would you love to recreate that special experience? Well, there are a couple of recipes floating around on the web, but I found a recipe on Aroma Web that you can make for yourself or to give out as gifts.

Never heard of solid sugar cube scrubs? According to Aroma Web, natural sugar scrubs are a wonderful alternative to the more synthetic and abrasive products on the market. They gently polish and exfoliate the skin, are luxurious and smell naturally delicious. Most natural sugar scrubs have the consistency of a thick, grainy liquid. The ingredients often separate over time, and though they have so many wonderful advantages, sometimes it can become a nuisance to work with them. Additionally, fluid sugar scrubs can harbor bacteria rather quickly.

So have I piqued your interest? Then I suggest you try making your own Solid Sugar Cube Scrub Recipe and let know how it turns out.

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