Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aromatherapy Home Recipes

Are you looking for some aromatherapy recipes for your home? Well I found some recipes that could help all year round or for this time of the year when the house is all closed up for the winter. Aromatherapy At Home is a site that has some recipes that you may want to try. On their page for Aromatherapy Home Recipes they include recipes for Herb Soap Concentrate, Citrus Scrubber, Fragrant Wood Polish, Disinfectant Air Freshener, Stinky Sneaker Sachet Blend, and Minty Fresh Sachet Blend.

Do you have any sites that have really good aromatherapy recipes for the home or housecleaning products that you would like to share? I would really appreciate it since I recently started getting interested in making my own eco-friendly housecleaning products.

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