Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lavender Orange Hand Cream

Lavender seems to be one of the top fragrances that I found that people like in their body products. In in hand cream recipe combines lavender and orange into an unique blend. If you would like to try and take a stab at blending lavender and orange, then you should try this easy recipe makes a rich hand cream from Aromatherapy at Home.

The ingredients you need for this recipe are 3 tablespoons jojoba oil, 1 tablespoon mango butter,1 tablespoon grated beeswax, 1/4 cup rosewater (or filtered water), 10 drops lavender essential oil and 5 drops sweet orange essential oil.

To make this recipe you will need to warm jojoba oil, mango butter and beeswax gently over low heat until beeswax melts. Remove this mixture from heat. Warm rosewater over low heat. Remove from heat. When both mixtures are lukewarm, slowly pour liquid into oil, beating steadily with a wire whisk or an electric beater set on the lowest speed until cool, thick and smooth. Stir in essential oils. Spoon cream into a clean jar and let cool before covering.

Source: http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.com/essential-oils-recipes.html

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T.A. Helton said...

This recipe sounds great. Might have to try this one ;-)