Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day's Soaps

If you are looking for a creative soap project to give your Valentine's for Valentine's Day, then here is the project for you. The fun of melt and pour soap is that it's ready to use right after you unmold it! Be sure to check out the Valentines Soap Project Gallery for more photos of the different variations the author/crafter has made.

(1) Valentines Day Layered Melt and Pour Soaps

(2)What You Need to Make Layered Valentines Soaps

(3) Melt the Soap

(4) Lay in the Letters and/or First Layer

(5) Prepare the Rest of the Bar

(6) Pour the "Bottom" Layer of Soap

(7) Unmold the Soaps

To go directly to the instructons, click on this link:

If you would like to add some pizazz to your soaps, you can vary the look of your soap with:

* different color letters and/or bars

* using white and/or clear soap base

* using glitter

* using many different colors and layers - I could have laid in several different colors in the larger heart molds I used. Just melt a few ounces of each color, get a few pipettes, and paint away! You'll be amazed at how easy it is - and how beautiful your final soaps are. Almost too pretty to wash with!

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