Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Make Pumpkin Luminaries With Mason Jars

eHow Contributing Writer

Create these delightful pumpkin luminaries to light the walkway on Halloween night or to sit on the step to welcome your guests. This project is ideal for children and grownups alike; it is so easy you simply can't get it wrong.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
Mason jars
Orange fabric
Yellow fabric scraps
Black felt
White glue
Lukewarm water


Step 1
Gather an assortment of mason jars or recycled jars from mayonnaise, sauces or other foods. Wash with warm soapy water and remove any labels. Dry with a soft cloth. Provide a jar for each person, if you are making this a family activity; otherwise, work with one jar at a time.

Step 2
Cover the work area with old newspapers or a disposable table covering. Provide smocks or old clothing for children as this project can be a little messy, especially for little hands.

Step 3
Tear the orange fabric into 1-by-3 inch sections. Mix a solution of one part white glue to one part lukewarm water. Dip the sections of orange fabric into the solution. Run the fabric through your fingers to remove excess glue as you remove the fabric. Apply to the outside of the glass jar. Continue working until the entire jar is covered. Overlap pieces as you work in a random pattern. Smooth any rough edges or wrinkles with your fingers.

Step 4
Cut facial features from the yellow fabric and apply by wetting with the glue mixture and pressing into place on the jar. Allow to dry completely; let it dry overnight if possible.

Step 5
Cut a section of black felt to cover the rim of the jar. Glue into place.

Step 6
Insert a lighted tea candle or a miniature flashlight and display in windows, along the pathway to your home or simply set them on the front steps.

Tips & Warnings

To prevent the wind from blowing the pumpkin luminary over, add several inches of sand to the bottom of the jar.

Allow fabric scraps to soak in the glue mixture and remove them when needed.

Use a paint brush to apply the glue mixture, if preferred. Be sure to coat the outside of the fabric once it has been glued in place. The paint brush method may not be as messy, but it is more time consuming. When children complete this project, using a paint brush increases the risk of loose edges that do not smooth easily.

Create black cats by using black fabric instead of orange. Add green or yellow eyes and back felt ears.

Always supervise young children when lighting candles.


Marisa said...

Thanks, this will be a good craft to do with my daycare kids.

Lori Stoia said...

Your are welcome. I am glad that this project is something you can do with your day care kids.

There are alot of great crafts for daycare kids out there.