Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cafe au Lait a Paris CP Soap Recipe

by Ann Gibson

The smell of freshly roasted coffee transposes me to a small cafe on the narrow streets of Paris. Huddled inside out of the cold, the air is warm, the coffee aroma is strong and the atmosphere is welcoming. I love the smell of coffee, even though I don't drink it. I find it warming and soothing.

I guess my soap has a split personality :-) I actually made is as part of the Zen theme because when I smell it, it takes me to a little cafe in Paris. Then again it is also handy as a coffee soap for removing smells. I think I prefer the more romantic Zen theme :-)

Base Ingredients

For Dark Soap

750 g Olive oil
450 g Palm oil
300 g Palm Kernel oil
100 g Coconut oil
35 g Castor oil
35 g Shea Butter
600 g Percolated Coffee[frozen]
231 g NaOH

For Light Soap

460 g Olive oil
270 g Palm oil
180 g Palm Kernel oil
60 g Coconut oil
20 g Castor oil
20 g Shea Butter
270 g Water
138 g NaOH

Scented with

17 ml Roast Coffee essential oil (dark soap)
30 ml Roast Coffee essential oil (light soap)


Cold Processed. This is a mixture of two soaps. They both have the same base recipe, but the dark one is made with percolated coffee in place of water. About half of the dark soap batch was then chopped up after a week and added to the light soap at trace. All colours and fragrances are natural.

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