Sunday, September 13, 2009

How To Make Potpourri


Where to get your ingredients:

Ask at the florist shop for any discarded flowers, or dry out your own flowers.

Harvesting your ingredients

Handle your herbs and flowers carefully to avoid bruising them. Once the have been bruised you will have lost any value in them for their essential oils.

The best time to collect leaves, roots, flowers and seeds is in the early morning after the dew has evaporated.

Choose plants that are clean, free of any pests or diseases. Choose flowers that are newly opened.

*Always collect 4 times the amount you will need for the final potpourri mix as flowers, leaves etc will shrink when dried.

Drying Methods

The drying process usually takes up to 2 weeks in general. There are two processes for drying flowers and herbs. * Keep in a warm dark place that has good air circulation.

Air Drying: Using a window screen works quite well. It allows air circulation around the plant material. Place the flowers and or herbs on a single layer. Do not pack them tightly together or on top of each other or they will decompose. Takes about one week to be completely dried out.
Hanging: Fasten together several small bunches, tie the stems off with elastics or string. Hang them upside down to dry out.

Storing The Potpourri

Store your "New" potpourri in airtight containers or plastic bags. Store in a cool dark place until needed.

Making the potpourri

To make the potpourri you basically need four main ingredients. Flowers & leaves Essential oils Spices and Herbs Fixative.

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