Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine M&P Project using 3D Molds

What you will need:

Opaque Melt and Pour soap base
Clear Melt and Pour soap base
2 Different Non-Bleeding Colorants, Pinks or Reds
Rubber Heart Embedding Mold
3-D Round MoldFragrance
Spray Bottle filled with Rubbing Alcohol


1. Cut up and melt about 5 ounces of the Opaque melt and pour. Separate into 2 containers and color each with one of the 2 colors. We did one with Non-Bleeding Red Liquid and the other with Red/Blue Mica.

Note: you do not need to fragrance these. You will have some soap left over and they will work best with other projects if left unscented.

2. Pour this into the Rubber Embedding Heart mold. Doing half the hearts one color and the other half the other color.

3. Set this aside to harden. Do not put into fridge as we want our layers and embeds to adhere well. We also need to slice these and frozen/cold soap does not slice well.Once you have given the hearts time to harden, you can go to the next step.

4. Disassemble the 3-D mold and lay flat on counter. You can prop the molds if needed to keep flat.

5. Cut up and melt some clear Melt and Pour (this you can and should fragrance) and pour a little into each half of the 3-D mold. Wait for this to thicken and get a nice sturdy skin.

6. While you are waiting you can un-mold the little hearts. These are too thick to fit into the 3-D molds evenly. You will need to slice them up into thinner pieces. Lay them flat on one side to slice. If you put the point down and slice it will get smooshed and not look like a heart.

7. Once the clear soap pour has hardened, spray it with rubbing alcohol and place a heart or two on top of the clear. Spray again with alcohol.

8. Pour another little layer of clear soap to cover the hearts and "glue" the pink embedding hearts into place. Make sure the molds are not filled all the way to the top though.

9. Once this has hardened, you can give it another squirt with alcohol and sprinkle a little layer of glitter onto the soap if you want to get festive.

10. Assemble the molds and put on the rubber bands. There should be a little gap between the two halves. The two halves should not meet each other.

11. Get the rest of your Opaque soap (remelting if needed) and add your fragrance to this as well.

12. Squirt down into the closed mold with alcohol 1 to 2 times then pour in your opaque soap.

13. Stop when the soap comes just above the top, tip the mold side to side and give it a few good taps on the counter. This helps remove any air bubbles that get trapped in the mold. Then fill the mold up the rest of the way. If you fill it all the way it gives you a nice "stump" that comes in handy for un-molding the soap later.

14. Set soap aside to cool. Again, since these are doing double pours and embedding, you do not want to put the soap in the fridge/freezer.

15. Once the soap has cooled (ideally overnight) you can unmold it. Use the little stump at top to help wriggle the soap out.

16. The soap will have a little ring around it where the two halves of the mold came together. You can get a small sharp knife and carefully slice this off.

17. Spray with alcohol to get rid of any unwanted fingerprints.

18. You are finished! Give the soap to someone you love or put it into your own shower to make sure you start every day with a smile on your face.

Source: http://soap-queen.blogspot.com/2009/01/valentine-m-project-using-3d-molds.html

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