Monday, February 23, 2009

Massage Bars/Body Scrubs Class

For those 5 ladies who were in my class on Saturday, I really enjoyed having you. I wanted to share with you that the molds that I used for the massage bars and body scrubs, I would recommend purchasing 2. I got mine at Joann's in Fremont and I am not sure all Joann's stores carry them. But I recall seeing them at Target.

Also, when you make your massage bars and body scrubs I highly recommend waiting until they are completely cool before wrapping. Another good idea is to put the day you made it so that you can have an idea when it may expire. I also recommend that when you get your supplies such as cocoa butter or shea butter is to put the date you received it on the packaging. And every so often open the package to see if has gone bad. You want to store your ingredients in a cool dark place to make it last longer.

Someone asked if you can melt your supplies in a microwave. I have always done it in a double boiler so I would not know how long to do it. But if you make any of the recipes with beeswax you don't want to because beeswax is combustable. Another question that was asked if the lotion stick containers could be reused. I could she way not but something you would have to consider is containation. And I am sure if there was some way to sterlize since they are plastic.

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