Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MP Soap Tutorial Using Mold Market Cupcake Mold

Here's what you need:

Extra Clear Soap Base- approximately 1 ounce for the cupcake cherry

Ultra White Soap Base- approximately 12-16 ounces for the cupcake base and topper. You'll want a bit left over to seat the topper to the cupcake base.

Neon Pink Liquid Gel Color - for cupcake frosting (the top portion of mold)

Neon Red Liquid Gel Color - for cupcake cherry

DWP Eggshell color- for the base of cupcake, we added just a smidgen of DWP yellow color to the eggshell color.

Mold Market Cupcake Mold

Fragrance Oil (optional) We used a chocolate cherry scent. Other suggestions include strawberry & cream, bubblegum, chocolate, fudge brownie, vanilla pudding, buttercream. If using a vanillin based fragrance be sure to use the vanilla color stabilizer to help avoid brown spots on finished soap.

Pipette- for dispensing fragrance oil.

Rubbing Alcohol- in a spray mister type bottle. Helps to remove air bubbles in soap base and provides better adhesion when pouring soap layers.

Glass measuring cups, mini wire whisk to stir soap, and microwave oven.


Step One
Melt approximately 9 ounces white soap base in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. A Pyrex® measuring cup is ideal since is has a pouring spout. Melt soap in increments of 30-45 seconds. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Add a few drops of DWP eggshell colorant. Mix well.

NOTE: We added a tad of yellow color to the eggshell color.

Step Two
Add desired fragrance, mix well, and pour soap into base of cupcake mold. Spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove any surface air bubbles.

Step Three
Melt approximately 1 ounce of clear soap base in microwave safe measuring cup. Add a smidgen of red color. This will be used for the cupcake cherry. Pour into the cherry area of mold. Clean up any over pour.

Step Four
Melt the balance of white soap in microwave. Add pink color and desired fragrance. Mix well.

Step Five
Pour the pink soap to the top edge of cupcake topper.

Step Six
Allow soaps to set up. We let ours set up overnight to ensure an easy release. The secret to release is getting air between the mold and the soap and then gently pressing on mold. Don't use excessive force. If you're still having problems, pop the mold in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The soaps should pop right out of the mold.

Step Seven
Now it's time to seat the topper to the base. To do this, melt some of your leftover soap in the microwave. Pour a layer of the melted soap onto the cupcake base. Liberally spray the melted soap with rubbing alcohol to help with the layers to adhere. Firmly seat the topper to the base. Once the soap completely dries, the base and topper will be secured together.

NOTE: If you want to add sprinkles, but a layer of food grade sprinkles in the cupcake topper, then pour your soap over the sprinkles. You'll want to pour at a relatively cool temp to keep the sprinkles from melting.

For all the related pictures, visit http://www.goplanetearth.com/project_cupcake_soap.html.

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Source: http://www.goplanetearth.com/project_cupcake_soap.html.

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