Thursday, November 3, 2011

SoapyLove Sweet Soap Class

When I took my first melt and pour soapmaking class in 2002, I did not know the potential of how far I could take this soapmaking process in creating soaps. I found a variety of books on the subject and then I heard of Debbie Chialtas of Soapy Love fame who is best known for her glycerin soap pops. When her book "Soapylove: Squeaky-Clean Projects Using Melt-and-Pour Soap" came out in September 2009, I knew I had to have it. By this time, she started teaching classes at The Nova Studio I knew I wanted to take a class, but something seemed to happen that I was unable to take the class. But in August 2011, I was luckily enough and excited to take Debbie's Sweet Saturday Soap class. What prompted me to take this class was the different projects such as S'mores, Marshmallow, Sprinkles and Cupcake soaps which were not included in her book.

What was really great about this class was the fact that we learned to make all of the soap projects from clear glycerin soap base. This was a surprise to me that not one ounce of white opaque soap was used. Debbie showed us how to use the appropriate type of colorant to turn clear glycerin soap base into opaque soap. It is so amazing on how we created soap that looks like delicious desserts. Even when I showed friends and family the S'mores soap they could not believe how cute they were.

In 3 of the projects (Cupcake, S'mores and Marshmallows) we learned how to take clear glycerin soap and make it to three different consistencies to make frosting, melted marshmallows and regular marshmallows. The concept for this is very simple, but it can get tricky. You think that the consistency is not quite there, and then you find yourself going just alittle to far. But no fear! The beauty of this is that you can pop it back into the microwave and start over again. The fourth project, is learning how to make sprinkles. These are perfect to put atop of your cupcake soap or even on a muffin bath bomb. If one finds these to be too difficult to make, you can purchase jojoba beads in a variety of color and put them on your cupcake soap instead. I saw this option being done by my partner.

In this class brand new class, there were only 8 students in the class which made the seating arrangements really comfortable. Luckily there was an even number in the class because we worked in pairs on each project, which means that we got hands on practice but also had the added comfort with working with someone.

I would highly recommend this class. It was fun and educational. I was sorry to miss the Spooky Halloween Sunday Class. But I was luckily enough to purchase the e-class handout directly from The Nova Studio website. It was well worth it and I am looking forward to creating the exploding soap project. Always check The Nova Studio website for new class offerings from Debbie and other teachers.

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