Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beeswax Lanterns Project

Do you have leftover beeswax pastilles and looking for something unique to make with it? Why, not create these beautiful beeswax lanterns? These lanterns can make a unique flameless tealight candle or indoor/outdoor decoration. You can decorate the exterior with leaves, herbs like star anise or they can be painted with mica or other pigments to create holiday-specific designs.

Interested in learning how? Check out this Beeswax Lanterns Project from Allison B. Kontur of BathbodySupply and kindly shares her project on her blog - DIY Skincare. If you did not know that there are two kinds of beeswax pastilles - Natural and White/Unrefined. You will need the white/unrefined verision to make this project. The difference between the two is that the Natural will have the golden yellow hue to it while the white will have it taken out.

This project looks really easy and fun to make. I will have to go to the party store to get some balloons so I can get started.

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