Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipes

In September 2010, I took the brand new sugar scrubs class at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA. I really liked Erin's recipe but I was just wondering if there was any other recipes availble. Naomi Heck of Susquehanna Soaps has generously donated this single use sugar scrub cube recipe to the Wholesale Supplies Plus Library.

I really like her packaging, but I found some ingredients that were different from Erin's. I thought it was interesting that she had clay, e-wax, and phenonip (preservative). I am not sure why e-wax would be added to this recipe because I do not see anything in this recipe that needs emulisifying like you would in a lotion or cream recipe. But I did look over Erin's recipes and I found that e-wax and preservative was used in her whipped sugar scrub recipe. Not sure what the clay is for but if it was a colored clay, which the recipe does not indicate, to add color to the product but maybe. But in Naomi's recipe she is using a yellow liquid lake colorant. So I am wondering what the benefit of the clay is. But it seems to be an interesting ingredient I must say. Also I am not really sure why the preservative is added but just for the mirror fact to have the product last longer on the shelf.

Even though this is different from Erin's recipe, it is an interesting recipe that I may have to try. I think I will try cutting the recipe in half since it makes so much easier.

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Darren said...

Clay is great for the skin. It draws impurities and also exfoliates a bit.