Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Make a Homemade Milk Bath

The first time I heard of a milk bath is when I took a class from Lori Nova from The Nova Studio in 2003. Her recipe is wonderful, but I was wondering how milk bath recipes would vary from creator to creator. There are many different milk bath recipes on the internet and they all have the same basic ingredient of powdered milk. In the tutorial, How to Make a Homemade Milk Bath by eHow Contributor, Fahlen Brown, uses alot of natural ingredrients like atmeal, dried orris root, cornstarch and almond meal.

If you are new to a milk bath, according to Fahlen, a milk bath is a relaxing way to unwind and pamper your skin at the same time. While there are products you can use to create a milk bath, some prefer a milk bath with natural ingredients that can be made at home. This way, you can avoid any artificial ingredients and synthetic perfumes. Making your own milk bath is also less expensive than buying store-bought products.

If you have made milk baths in the past, I would like to have your input on whether or not to add a fragrance or essential oil. What is your preference fragrance or no fragrance? I often wondered would a fragrance oil make the powered milk go bad? I never tried it before so I was just wondering what the opinion was out there.

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