Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soap Queen TV Holiday Special Edition: Gingerbread Man Soap

Do you love the smell of gingerbread cookies baking? This is the time of the year when this lovely smell is rampant throughout the house. How would you like to duplicate your favorite scent into a soap? Here is a special holiday edition from Soap Queen TV. Learn how to make your very own Gingerbread Man Soap. Mmm! It is really making me hungry! I love the aroma of gingerbread man cookies baking in the oven at this time of the year!

In order to make these adorable soap, you will need to purchase supplies. Brambleberry sells kits with all of the supplies you need or you can purchase the supplies individually. The supplies you need are: Gingerbread Man Soap Mold, Clear Melt & Pour soap base, White Melt & Pour soap base, Merlot Mica, Cappuccino Mica and Gingersnap fragrance.

To see how to make these adorable soaps, check out this video clip on how to do it. Making these soaps are fun and would make fantastic gifts!


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