Monday, November 28, 2011

Peppermint Ice Melt and Pour Soap

A wintery wake up for your shower that's cool to look at and cool to wash with, this melt and pour soap making project uses clear soap base with blue and pearlescent colorants to make a nifty icy bar of soap. David Fisher's (of Peppermint Ice Melt and Pour Soap recipe fills my head with imagines of a winterland. Hope it does for you when you create this melt and pour soap projects for your friends and family.


Derek said...

Awesome blog man, the things you have mentioned above are really informative and are examples of your awesome writing skills and a good blog.
Janine Zargar

Soap Crafter said...

Thanks Janine/Derek. I hope you are enjoying reading my blog and that you come back often. IF you you know anyone interested in reading my blog, please let them know about it.