Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Is Dendritic Salt?

I really never heard of Dendritic Salt until I took Lori Nova's Bath Salts class at DeAnza/Foothill College several years ago. So, the only use I have use Dendritic Salt for incororporating color and scent into my bath salts. But I did not know that it when highly scented dendritic salt is blended with other types of sea salt, the resulting mixture is free-flowing and resists caking. The super-fine grain size of this type of salt is beneficial in facial and body scrub applications as well as offering a cost effective alternative to more expensive specialty salts.

And how did I learn this? Well, but reading a posting on the blog DIY Skincare on What is Dendritic Salt? If you want some more info on this particular skincare ingredient, there are some more interesting facts that you may come across.

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