Friday, September 9, 2011

Vacuum Cleaner Air Freshener Beads

Does your vacuum have that funky smell while running? Have you ever thought of using Vacuum Clean Air Freshner Beads in it? IF you are scratching your heading wondering what these wondering beads are? According to DIY Skincare, Vacuum Beads help eliminate odors from detritus in your vacuum cleaner. Adding scented beads to the bag (or canister) of your vacuum cleaner will release a fresh scent while vacuuming without harming carpets or leaving a powder residue.

Would you like to learn how to make these incredible beads? Then I would suggest you check out the recipe called Vacuum Cleaner Air Freshener Beads which appears on the blog DIY Skincare (brought to you by Since the winter months are just around the corner and the house will be all closed up, this would be a great project to make as gifts for the holiday season.

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