Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lining Your Wooden Soap Molds with Freezer Paper

If you are having difficulties with lining your wooden soap molds with freezer paper, I found a few sites that detailed instructions on how to do so. Here are a few that I found in my search. There plenty of others out there. I prefer the instructions with the photographs. However, my favorite on the list is from Bitter Creek. If you would like to share your favorite, please do.

Chestnut Farms (http://www.chestnutfarms.com/Soap_and_supplies/line_mold/)

Soap Making Resource (http://www.soap-making-resource.com/line-wooden-soap-molds.html)

Bitter Creek (http://www.candlesupply.com/how2pumpkincp/how2lineamold.html). I found this to been an interesting way of do it. The same appears on the blog The Soap Bar but I found the article title quite different Lining Your Soap Molds With Silicone Caulk.

Go Planet Earth (http://www.goplanetearth.com/project_lining_wooden_loafmold.html)

River County SoapWorks (http://www.rivercountysoap.com/blog/handmade-soaps/lining-a-wood-mold.php)

Symphony Scents (http://symphonyscents.com/lineamold.html)

Soap Supplies (http://www.soapies-supplies.com/shop/wooden-soap-molds/)

SMF Tutorials (http://www.smftutorials.com/how-to-line-a-wooden-soap-mold-tutorial.html)

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