Thursday, September 8, 2011

Checkered Soapsicles - by Soapylove!

I have made a single colored of a soap pop. How would you like to step it up an notch and create these Checkered Soapsicles by Soapylove. The instructions for this advanced technique appears on Aussie Soap Supplies. I have to admit this reminds me of the floor of a 50's diner such as Johnny Rockets or Taxi's. Or even a checkered flag from Nascar race. If you love this look, then you should take a look at this unique soap. What really interests me about this project is how the author has made the white opaque soap base black. Normally when adding a colorant to white opaque base it would make the soap base into a pastel color or in this case - gray. I took Debbie's class at The Nova Studio and found out that she uses clear soap base and uses black pigment to color her soaps. That makes total sense to me. Really did not even think about it.


Soapylove said...

Hi! Thank you for posting my tutorial! I appreciate your observation about the black soap.

In the tutorial I didn't get into detail about coloring the soap but, as you mentioned, the only way to get black soap is to start with clear base and add black oxide. Otherwise if you start with white you'll never get a true black. Thank you for bringing that up!

For any of your readers who enjoy Soapylove projects, I just created a new online collection of over 100 Soapylove tutorials which can be found here:

Thanks again!
-Debbie (aka "Soapylove")

Donna OShaughnessy said...

You know I think I am coming along in my soap making and then you post this. Shattered again I am. Shattered.

Still, I want to taste it

Soap Crafter said...

Your welcome Debbie. Sorry that I brought up about the coloring so early in your class. But I just had to ask at that time or I would have forgotten.

For your recipes in your classes, do you have any recommendations for doubling the recipes?

Soapylove said...

Hi Lori! Glycerin soap is extremely forgiving, and there are no tricky rules about doubling recipes. Just go ahead and double every ingredient.

If you have a specific concern about increasing an ingredient, please let me know! :)

Soap Crafter said...

Thank for sharing that tip, Debbie. It had to be that simple...Will give it a try.