Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Distinction between Cocoa Butter and Refined Cocoa Butter

According to forever young on the Ulitmate Cosmetic forum:

"The definition of cocoa butter is the extraction of fatty acids from cocoa seeds. There are different categories in extracting that includes filtered, centrifuged, deodorizes through steam vacuum, degummed, bleaching, and neutralizing. The extraction of cocoa butter should not include any germ fat or shell fat that occurs in the whole cocoa beans.

These are the types of extraction of cocoa butter:

Press cocoa butter
Expeller cocoa butter
Solvent extracted cocoa butter
And refined cocoa butter

In preparation to extracting the type of cocoa butter, there are authorized treatments with analytical values that comply in every extraction. During manufacture there are specific essential composition and quality factors to be looked at to attain the resulting cocoa butter. The color, odor, and taste have designation to every type of cocoa butter produced. In every manufacture of cocoa butter there is a quality checker to look at specific identification and quality values of every butter.

In the process of extracting cocoa butter there is a specific melting point, refractive index, levels of free fatty acids, and unsaponifiables matters. According to the code of international practice of general principles of food hygiene, there must be practice of appropriate methods in extracting the butter with good manufacturing practice. It must contain no products that have objectionable matter. There must have excellent ways of sampling and examining with no amounts of microorganisms hazardous to health.

In the case of refined cocoa butter, it is manufactured through a three stage apparatus with a flow rate of 2,000 kg/hour of cocoa butter. The contents of free fatty acids are up to 5 percent in weight. It has been thoroughly processes to extract the fatty acids from the cocoa seeds. The difference between cocoa butter and unrefined cocoa butter is how they are processed well.

The different types of extracting cocoa butter from the seed itself show different treatments that result to a specific butter. When shea butter is exported to the buyers, the products are labeled with names according to how they are processed. You may not worry on how they are extracted; as long as these products will continually help your skin problems everything will be fine."

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