Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cracked Heels Problems?

Do you have cracked heals and you are wondering why? I found this article on Beauty (unforunately the link is broken) which really gives insight to this problem. According to Beauty Feast, "Cracked heels are a problem of fissuring and thickening of the foot’s skin. Cracked heels are the main problem of foot. The skin of the foot may bleed and cause severe pain in case of deep fissures.

The alternative name of cracked heels is fissures. The colors of skin of the foot are also change in dark brown or yellow with cracked heels. In some cases, cracked heels are developed by the deficiency of moisturizer and over exposure.

Causes of Cracked Heels:
Dry skin
Surgery to the lower extremities
Mal-aligment of the metatarsal bones
High arched feet
Athlete’s feet
Sweat glands
Prolonged standing
Wearing tight shoes
Heel spurs
Flat feet
Shoes do not wear properly
Thyroid disease
Signs and symptoms of cracked heels:
Dark or yellow skin of the foot
Severe pain in open back shoes or thin soles
Cracked and peeling skin
Hard skin on the heel of foot
Experience pain during walking barefoot
Itchy skin
Flaky or red patches on the foot’s skin
Internal and external factors for cracked heels
Internal factors
Dry scaly skin because of other health problems or climate
Due to ageing, thick and dry skin of foot with loss of elasticity
Calcaneal spurs, flat foot and others injuries or congenital problems
Deficiency of minerals, zinc and vitamins
External factors
Standing for long term period
Heat during summer
Changes in the posture of walking
Unhygienic conditions or circumstances

Treatment for cracked heels
Use a pumice stone for reducing the hard and dry skin from the heels
Apply a moisturizing cream on the affected area
Do not wear thin soled shoes or open backed shoes
One should wear shoes with a good shock absorbing sole
Before going to the bed at night, apple foot care cream to reduce the dry skin and cracked heels.
As the excess moisture can cause bacterial infections like athlete’s foot, so make sure about the avoiding foot balm, foot cream and foot lotion.

Wear comfortable, soft and cushioned slippers or shoes
Apply essential oils on the dry skin of foot
Always keep soles of foot clean
For preventing friction, wear cotton socks
Take vitamins, minerals and zinc in diet such as fresh leafy green vegetables, fruits, dates etc.
People who are suffered from cracked heels, should avoid the following:
Tight shoes
Direct contact of chemical such as bleaching powder
Walking bare foot
In water, standing for long term period
Using soaps that contain harmful chemicals

I hope this information helps you to combat this problem since sandle wearing is now approaching. For me I suffered this problem on my right foot. And I believed that I favor my right side ever since I broke my left knee back in 1997. But ever since I learned how to make my own body balm I have used this product on my foot on a regular basis that I do not have this problem anymore.

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