Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Recipes with Spice

Recently my mother brought me a handout with some really nice recipes for winter. In this November 2010 Newsletter article from Mountain Rose Herb called Winter Recipes with Spice
which has some really unique recipes that I would like to try. The first one is called Clove and Sweet Orange Lip Balm. I love the aroma of oranges and inserted cloves into them so this is a recipe that I would really like. Since I loved the orange ginger lip balm I received awhile back, I am sure that it will be difficult to decide which one would be my favorite. Although it is important to note regarding orange essential oil is photosensitive so it is important not to wear this outside during the daylight hours.

Another recipe I definately would like to try is the Winter Spice Aroma Spray. I really think this recipe would be a winner. If you like to take baths instead of showers, you may want to make Oatmeal & Spice Bath recipe for your next soap. And for those would love to use body scrubs you should try the Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Body Scrub.

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