Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Fragrance Blending Tip

In teaching various soap, bath and body products classes, I have told my students that they can create their own special fragrances. In order not to waste essential or fragrance oils, I suggest to my students to take a Q-tip or Cotton Ball and place each scent on a separate piece and place them in a ziplock baggie and seal it closed. After twenty-four hours, open up the baggie to see how the scents work together. If you like you can reseal the bag and check again in another 48 hours. Remember to record any results in your journal.

As I was reading, Marie Browning's Totally Cool Soapmaking for Kids, I found other way to accomplish the same thing. First, gather your scents. Place a few drops of different scents on a small piece of paper towel. Count the number of drops of each scent you use and record them. Second, place the paper towel in a plastic bag to let the scents blend for a few hours. Once time has passed, evaluate the fragrance blend by sniffing and recording the results.

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Natalia - EnJabonArte said...

Thank you for this post. I was thinking about blending some i know how :) thank you so much!! i love love love your blog!