Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Avoid Grainy Body Butters – How To Gently Melt Mango and Shea Butter

When using Mango and Shea Butters in your body product recipes does your product come out grainy? If you would like to remedy this problem you should check out the article, "Avoid Grainy Body Butters – How To Gently Melt Mango and Shea Butter". This article appears on the blog Skincare Naturals and could help shed some light on making your mango and shea butters less gritty.

I have not tried this tried this tip before but if you have any tips on this issues, please share. There has been some argument that tempering your shea butter does not really work. It really depends on the quality of the product and where you get it from. I do not know myself if this is true, but again if you purchase shea butter from a particular supplier that does not become grainy when you incorporate it into your products, please let us know where you buy it from. Thanks.


Gregory said...

It's completely true. Years ago, I didn't know this about shea butter. One thing that I love about the winter months is that I can pour melted shea butter into my jars, cover with saran wrap and then carry the tray outside into the cold weather. It really seems to help with the grainy-factor for the batches to cool quickly. Gregory. http://www.makingbathproducts.com

intel said...

I love shea butter, it's excellent for skin and hair. mine smells great because it is 100% raw, i find that it smells nutty

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Soap Crafter said...


If you do not want to have that nutty aroma then may I suggest you get the refined shea butter.