Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blending Oils to Make Your Perfume Fragrances

Are you tired of the ordinary perfume scents that you are finding in the retail establishments and you want to create your own? You may want to check out this article from on how to create your own scents. The article titled, Blending Oils to Make Your Perfume Fragrances gives you the basics on creating your very own scents.

In the sidebar, you may want to check on the additional information about essential oils, recipes and where to purchase them. There are really good articles on what to look for on essential oil label, Storage and Durability of Essential Oils, Essential Oils Application and Dosage ,Essential Oils Precautions and more. If are stumped on where to start for recipes, there is a list of several essential oil recipes to get you started.

If that does not get you started on your new hobby and you want to learn more, you may want to check out The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA. Lori Nova, owner of The Nova Studio, teaches a rare class called Making All-Natural Perfumes (aka Essential Oil Blending) which covers how to make three different types of essential oil perfumes. Check out the website for the next time it is offered. It is a class worth taking the investment and time to learn the world of perfumery.

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