Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lip Veil Recipe

Have you ever heard of a lip veil before? I had not either until I saw this recipe for it on the blog Do It Yourself Skincare. According to Alison, a Lip Veil (or Lip Gloss) is often used when a person wants to have some color on their lips, but does not want an intense, solid lipstick color effect. Lip Veil is also often used as an introduction to makeup for preteen and young teenage girls who want to wear some makeup, but are too young to wear a more intense lipstick color. Lip Veil is generally sheer (think of how a veil is see-through) and is perfect for when you want shine with a tint of color.

I guess that makes sense. I guess I always called it lip tint, so I guess I learned something new today. Know that I know what a lip veil is I will have to give Alison's lip veil recipe a try. I hope you will too!

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