Friday, March 27, 2009

Packaging Bath and Body Products Class

On March 21st, I ventured out to Point Richmond to take a new class on packaging bath and body products at The Nova Studio ( taught by Joan McCoy.

This was a very informative class that anyone who makes there own bath and body products to give away or to sell. You will go away with some great handouts, other goodies and ideas.

If you are interested in this class, the next offering of this class will be in June 2009. If you would like to see a full description of this class, here is a direct link -

I hope The Nova Studio adds more classes like this to their class schedule. I am looking forward to Lori adding her "Color with Confidence" class on a Saturday sometime in the future.

I also wanted to add this little snipette. I happened to take Bart like I normally do. As I got off the train, and exited the station I was approached by a man who needed financial assistance. Too be honest I am always wary about giving handouts, but it is my personality to help out someone in distress. So I gave him what I could ($2) since I barely had enough for Bart and bus fare and bridge toll. He thanked me and promised he would pay me the next time that he saw me. I knew that would never happen since travelling to Richmond was few and far between and I told him so. But I asked him to promise me that he would pay it forward (help someone down the line).

So you think that would be the end of the story right? Well, no. After I finished the class got on the bus to return to the Bart station. I arrived at the Union City Station around 3. I wound up getting some food in addition to doing some errands. By this time I was tired and wanting to get home. I got on to highway 84 to approach the Dumbarton Bridge. As I approached the toll gates I noticed that there were several cars waiting to pay and I was wondering why it was taking so long. I was starting to get irritable. Because I had been up early and I wanted to get home. But when I approached the toll booth, the attendant told me that the car infront of me paid my $4 toll. I was pleasantly surprised! And could not believe that paid it forward actually came around to me this time.

I am sorry to say that I could not catch up to the driver and thank him. So to the owner/driver of the Charocal Grey Nissan Xterra, wherever you are, I want to thank you. You have given me the faith in the common man. I will pay it forward more often.

So if you ever doubted pay it forward - one day it will it happen to you like it did to me. I am asking all of you who read this entry to do the same. And let's make this alittle bit nicer world.

Thank you!

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