Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anti Aging Carrier Oils

For those ladies from my lotions and creams class interested in anti-aging ingredients for their formulations I am providing a list of carrier oils and botantical extracts to add. Here is a list of anti aging carrier oils you can use in your lotions:

Acai, almond, apricot, avocado, borage, evening primrose, cameilla, carrot root, cranberry seed, Foraba (aka tamanu), jojoba, kukui, macadamia nut, meadowfoam seed, peach kernel, palm kernel, pumpkin seed, pomegrante, raspberry seed, rice bran, seabuckthorn, seasme.

Also you can add botanical extracts such as Cranberry, Green Tea (which is also good for wrinkles), Elder Flower, Gingko Biloba leaf, Ginseeng Root, Grape, Kelp, Olive leaf, Rooibos Tea, White Tea,White Willow Bark. (Note: Normally you would use these in the water phase of any formulation. It would be .5% to 5 % depending on your formula.) You can get these extracts from online from Essential Wholesale.

You can add microfine titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for sunscreen protection. But you will not not know the extact amount of protection. If you want to add titanium dioxide you would add 5-10% and for zinc oxide it would be 1-5% of your formulation.

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