Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Make Perfume Butter

Perfume butters are the oldest known method of wearing fragrance known to man. Unlike liquid formulas, perfume butters will not spill and tend to last much longer on the skin. For any perfume butter, the method will be more or less the same.  If you would like to create a perfume butter of your own, check out this article by Genae-Valecia Hinesman, eHow Editor on How to Make Perfume Butter.

According to the author, one will need 4 oz. of a solid “plant butter” base (or 2 oz. of plant butter and 2 oz. of solid wax, like beeswax). To this you will combine 4 oz. of a pure, richly moisturizing oil, plus two or more drops of the essential oils of your choosing for fragrance. This article will provide precise instructions and a sample recipe that you can use at home. Feel free to experiment with different ingredients to create your own signature scent. Unlike alcohol-based liquid perfumes, perfume butters can be used as soon as they have cooled and solidified at room temperature.

This recipe seems to be very simple, so this recipe is well worth trying.  If it works out then these would make really cool gifts.  Even a teenager could possible enjoy making this product.

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